Innovator Diversity Pilots Initiative

Rigorous research to advance inclusion in innovation


We are a group of researchers that works with firms and organizations to advance diversity and inclusion in innovation by coupling our understanding of institutional details and dynamics associated with patenting, law firm advancement, and innovation processes with econometric and social science approaches.

Our research draws upon our experience with methods such as surveying, rigorous piloting using experimental (randomized) or quasi-experimental methods, and observational analyses and our expertise in topics ranging from mentoring to inequality in innovation to inclusive government policy. Our DPI blog disseminates and elevates research findings on what works in diversity in innovation.

We’ll be hosting the Second Innovator Diversity Pilots Conference on September 20, 2024, at Emory University Law School. Click here to express your interest in coming and participating. (See also proceedings from our inaugural Innovator Diversity Pilots Conference, co-sponsored by the organizations shown below. (slides and videos available here, PatentlyO preview, Law360 Recap)